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Foya is located in Liberia
Location in Liberia
Coordinates: 8°16′17″N 10°13′42″W / 8.27139°N 10.22833°W / 8.27139; -10.22833
Country Flag of Liberia.svg Liberia
County Lofa County
District Foya District

Foya is a town in the Foya District of Lofa County, Liberia.

Foya is located 66 kilometers from Voinjama, it is home to the Kissi-speaking tribes of Liberia. Foya shares border with Sierra Leone and Guinea, it is the major trade link for the people in the far north of Lofa County. It has no running water and electricity, the road from Voinjama to Foya is a third level road with recent repair work done by the UNHCR estimated at 3,000,000 United States dollars. Hon William T. Kamba is the district commissioner of Foya. A local FM radio keeps the town informed about local and international development, it also broadcasts programs from the UNMIL radio in Monrovia. The presence of the UNMIL troops helps the stability of the town and its surrounding area.

The town is served by Foya Airport.

Coordinates: 8°16′17″N 10°13′42″W / 8.271291°N 10.228271°W / 8.271291; -10.228271