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Foyle's War (Series Four Part 1)
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Series Four Part 1 of the ITV programme Foyle's War was first aired in 2006; comprising two episodes, it is set in 1942. Series Four Part 1 was broadcast in the United States on PBS on Mystery! on 17 and 24 June 2007,[1] and on Netflix as of April 2014.[2] Together with Series Four Part 2, it was broadcast as Foyle's War IV.[3]


Writer: Anthony Horowitz Director: Gavin Millar Airdate: 15 January 2006 Net duration: 94 minutes Set: March 1942 Episode 13
Guests: Corey Johnson, Jay Benedict, Zoe Tapper, Philip Jackson
American "Doughboys" arrive in Hastings, resulting in some hostility from the locals. An old friend of Milner's dies in a house fire, and a barmaid is found dead at the welcoming party for the American soldiers, with one of the Americans as a suspect.

"Bad Blood"[edit]

Writer: Anthony Horowitz Director: Jeremy Silberston Airdate: 22 January 2006 Net duration: 94 minutes Set: August 1942 Episode 14
Guests: Kenneth Colley, Roy Marsden, Philip Franks, Gawn Grainger
A biological warfare experiment with Anthrax goes horribly wrong, complicating a murder investigation and threatening the life of Foyle’s faithful driver, Sam.


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