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Frédéric de Courcy, born Frédéric Charlot de Courcy[1] (16 August 1796, Paris – 6 May 1862, Paris) was a French man of letters.


The son of Augustin Charlot de Courcy and Adélaïde Vallet, in 1826 he became sous-chef of La Poste's personnel department (under Jean-Baptiste Tenant de Latour).

He was the author of several vaudevilles, often in collaboration, including :

  • L’Heureuse Moisson (1817)
  • Les Deux Aveugles (1823)
  • Le Courrier de la malle (1832), one of the first appearances of the famous character Joseph Prudhomme, played by the character's creator Henry Monnier
  • Le Vol à la roulade (1851)
  • Le voyage à Vienne, etc.

Until his death, he lived with his partner Adélaïde Alexandrine Verteuil. They never married, and had two sons - Alexandre Frédéric, known as an illustrator, and Charles Henry.


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  1. ^ Thus he is not part of the Norman Courcy family, contrary to his entry in Dictionnaire de biographie française

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