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Station statistics
Address Vestre Aker, Oslo
Coordinates 59°56′03″N 10°42′33″E / 59.93417°N 10.70917°E / 59.93417; 10.70917Coordinates: 59°56′03″N 10°42′33″E / 59.93417°N 10.70917°E / 59.93417; 10.70917
Elevation 59.7 m (196 ft)
Line(s) Holmenkollen Line
Distance 3.2 km (2.0 mi) from Stortinget
Structure type At-grade
Other information
Opened 31 May 1898
Owned by Sporveien
Operator Sporveien T-banen
Reisekort Yes

Frøen is a station on the Oslo Metro in the Vestre Aker borough, it is the first station on the Holmenkollen Line after Majorstuen.[1] The name refers to Frøen Gård, a stately estate located near the present location of the t-bane station, of which now only the manor house remains.[2] Previously, trains switched from third rail which was used on most of the network (now all), to overhead wire which was used on Holmenkollbanen, at Frøen.[3] Unlike the other stations on Holmenkollbanen, Frøen has longer platforms which accommodate three-car trains. Located near the point where Holmenkollbanen leaves the other lines, the two platforms are located far apart.[4]

During the Second World War, some metres of the rail tracks near Frøen were destroyed due to a bomb.[5]

Formerly there was also a Frøen station on the Sognsvann Line, located near the present station. When the Sognsvann Line was upgraded to metro standard in 1993, Frøen was one of the stations eliminated from that line.[6]

Frøen is located near the International Museum of Children's Art and the hospital Diakonhjemmet.[7]

Frognerseteren Steinerud Line 1 Majorstuen Ellingsrudåsen


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