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Fractal-generating software is any computer program that generates images of fractals. There are many fractal generating programs available, both free and commercial.


Many different features are included in fractal-generating software packages. Most feature some form of algorithm selection, an interactive image zoom, and the ability to save files in JPEG, TIFF, or PNG format, as well as the ability to save parameter files, allowing the user to easily return to previously created images for later modification or exploration.

Many packages also allow the user to input their own formulae, to allow for greater control of the fractals, as well as a choice of color rendering, along with the use of filters and other image manipulation techniques. Some fractal software packages allow for the creation of movies from a sequence of fractal images.

Some standard graphics software (such as GIMP) contains filters or plug-ins which can be used for fractal generation. Many stand-alone fractal-generating programs can be used in conjunction with other graphics programs (such as Photoshop) to create more complex images.

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