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Frame Publishers is an Amsterdam based publisher and specializes in publications in art, architecture, design and interiors. It is best known for Frame magazine, which it started publishing in 1997.[1]


As of 2013 Frame Publishers produces three magazines:

  • Frame (magazine), - a publication on interior design,[2] it is sold in over 77 countries and printed in English, Chinese, Korean and Turkish;[citation needed]
  • Mark (magazine), published since 2005 and the architectural counterpart to FRAME, focusing exclusively on the world of contemporary architecture;
  • Elephant (magazine), first published in 2009 and focusing on the contemporary view at the world of art and visual.

Selected books[edit]

  • The Back Issue - In 2006 'Frame Publishers' produced a retrospective book on the first 50 issues of the magazine titled 'The Back Issue: the essential guide to FRAME's first 50 issues'.[3]
  • Sketch - a selection of nearly 300 experimental drawings, computer-rendered artistic explorations, and architectural illustrations that were mostly produced for client projects by designer Karim Rashid
  • Powershop - a collection of shops and showroom from Issey Miyake, Yohji Yamamoto and Nissan
  • Rising - Covers 100 young artists including as Alexander Tovborg
  • Where They Create - a collection of creative spaces and studios from around the world by New York City-based Australian photographer Paul Barbera.[4]
  • Materiology - A guide to material and technologies specifically written for creatives.[5]


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