RSPB Frampton Marsh

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RSPB Frampton Marsh
RSPB Frampton Marsh.jpg
Location Frampton, Lincolnshire, England
Coordinates 52°55′35″N 0°01′36″E / 52.9263°N 0.0266°E / 52.9263; 0.0266Coordinates: 52°55′35″N 0°01′36″E / 52.9263°N 0.0266°E / 52.9263; 0.0266
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Frampton Marsh is a nature reserve in Lincolnshire, England. The reserve is situated on the coast of The Wash, some 4 miles from the town of Boston, between the outfalls of the Rivers Welland and Witham (covering an area of mature salt marsh known as The Scalp), and near the village of Frampton. Most of the reserve is managed by the RSPB with part managed by the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust.

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