François-Henri d'Harcourt

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François-Henri d'Harcourt
Portrait by Fragonard (c. 1769)

François-Henri d'Harcourt (January 12, 1726 - July 22, 1802) was Count Lillebonne, a French general, duke and peer of France .

He emigrated during the French Revolution, and he became a representative of Louis XVIII of France to the British government (1792-1800).

Personal life[edit]

d'Harcourt was born in Paris. He married, 13 June 1752, Catherine Scholastica Aubusson, (1733-1815). Their daughter Anne (1753-1778) married Victurnien-Jean-Baptiste de Rochechouart, Duke of Mortemarts. He died in Staines, England, aged 76.