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François Gagnepain (1866 – 1952) was a French botanist. The standard botanical author abbreviation Gagnep. is applied to plants described by Gagnepain.[1]

With Achille Eugène Finet, he named a number of species within the botanical family Annonaceae.[2] The genus Gagnepainia (family Zingiberaceae) was named in his honor by Karl Moritz Schumann.[3]

Selected publications[edit]

  • Topographie botanique des environs de Cercy-la-Tour (Nièvre), Société d'histoire naturelle d'Autun, 1900 - Botanical topography involving the environs of Cercy-la-Tour (Nièvre).
  • Contributions à la flore de l'Asie orientale, 1905, (in collaboration with Achille Eugène Finet) - Contributions to the flora of eastern Asia.
  • Contribution à l'étude géo-botanique de l'Indo-Chine, 1926 - Contribution to the geobotanical study of Indochina.[4]


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