François Zourabichvili

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François Zourabichvili
Died 19 April 2006(2006-04-19) (aged 41)
Nationality French
Era 20th-century philosophy
Region Western Philosophy

François Zourabichvili (1965 – 19 April 2006) was a French philosopher specialized in the works of Gilles Deleuze and Baruch Spinoza.


François Zourabichvili was the son of composer Nicolas Zourabichvili, nephew of historian Hélène Carrère d'Encausse, and cousin of author Emmanuel Carrère.[1] His life was signed by a strong intellectual activity. He became agrégé in 1989, and then earned a PhD in Philosophy in 1999. Besides, he taught at a lycee from 1988 to 2001, was docent at Paul Valéry University, Montpellier III, and director of the Collège international de philosophie from 1998 to 2004.[2]

A year after Zourabichvili's death both Collège international de philosophie and École normale supérieure organized a colloquium upon Les physiques de la pensée selon François Zourabichvili ("The physics of the thinking according to François Zourabichvili") led by Bruno Clément and Frédéric Worms. Such event counted with the participation of Pierre Macherey, Pierre-François Moreau, Pierre Zaoui, Paola Marrati, Paul R. Patton, Paolo Godani and Marie-France Badie.[3][4]


François Zourabichvili worked primarily upon the concepts of "event" and "littéralité", inspired by the philosophy of Deleuze. In addition, he wrote upon aesthetics, discipline in which he centered his interest for the purpose of finding relations between art and game.[5] He published some articles about cinema written by Boris Barnet and those by Dziga Vertov.

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