Francesco Andreini

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For the Italian painter, see Francesco Andreini (painter).
Francesco Andreini, c. 1612

Francesco Andreini (c. 1548 – 1624) was an Italian actor mainly of commedia dell'arte plays. He began his career playing the role of the unsophisticated love-stricken young man. Later he played the role of capitan Spavento (in Fright), a Pickwickian character of excessive fatigue[1]

Andreini was born at Pistoia. He was a member of the company of i Gelosi which Henry IV of France summoned to Paris to his bride, the young queen Marie de Medici, thus introducing the commedia dell'arte style to France.

Both his wife, Isabella Andreini, and their son, Giambattista Andreini, were also distinguished in the arts.


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