Francesco Cozza (painter)

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Francesco Cozza
Cozza Francesco e l'angelo.jpg
Francesco Cozza, Saint Francis consoled by an Angel, Galleria Nazionale di Palazzo Arnone, Cosenza, Italy
Born 1605
Stilo, Calabria, Italy
Died 1682
Occupation artist

Francesco Cozza (1605 – 13 January 1682) was an Italian painter of the Baroque period.

He was born in Stilo in Calabria and died in Rome. As a young man, he went to Rome and apprenticed with Domenichino. He traveled with Domenichino to Naples.

He is best known for his expansive panegyric ceiling fresco, Apotheosis of Pamphili House, in the library of Palazzo Pamphili in Piazza Navona (1667–73). He also frescoed the Stanza del Fuoco in Palazzo Pamphili in Valmontone, 1658–59), where he worked along with Pier Francesco Mola, Gaspar Dughet, Mattia Preti, Giovanni Battista Tassi (il Cortonese), and Guglielmo Cortese. He also participated with Carlo Maratta and Domenico Maria Canuti in fresco decorations of the Palazzo Altieri. His landscape paintings recall the Carracci style of paesi con figure piccole (landscapes with small figures). He painted a Madonna del Riscatto in church of Santa Francesca Romana. He was received into the Accademia di San Luca at Rome in 1650

He etched several excellent plates in the style of Pietro del Po, including a St. Peter (1630); a Christ sleeping and adored by Angels, and a St. Mary Magdalene (1650).