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Francesco Giuseppe Casanova (bapt. July 1, 1727 – July 8, 1803) was an Italian painter and a younger brother of Giacomo Casanova.

Battaglia di cavalleria (oil on canvas, Louvre, Paris)
Cattle on pasture (oil on canvas, Palace on the Water in Warsaw)

Born in London, he trained in Venice under Francesco Guardi, then was a pupil of Francesco Simonini, a battle painter who took Borgognone as his model. Besides battle-pieces Casanova painted landscapes with figures and cattle, as well as pastoral subjects. He arrived in Paris in 1751, and went to Dresden in the following year, where he remained until 1757, spending his time in copying the finest battle-pieces of the famous Electoral Gallery. On his return to Paris he studied for a time under Charles Parrocel, and was received into the Academy in 1763. He exhibited at the Salon at intervals from that year till 1783, when he again quit France, going to Vienna, where he resided during the remainder of his life. Philip James de Loutherbourg was his pupil for a time.

The following are some of his principal paintings :

  1. Cavalry Engagement; Dulwich Gallery.
  2. Wanderers near a river Lille Museum.
  3. Two Landscapes; Paris. Louvre.
  4. Battle of Freibourg. 1771.
  5. Battle of Lens. 1771.
  6. Landscape with animals.
  7. A Cavalier galloping. Hermitage in St. Petersburg.
  8. A Cow.
  9. A Cavalier and other soldiers. Vienna. Belvedere.
  10. Cavalry Engagement.

We have the following etchings, executed by him :

  1. The Russian Drummer on horseback.
  2. The Three Cuirassiers.
  3. The Standard.
  4. A Cavalry Skirmish.
  5. The Ass and the Banner.
  6. The Painter's Dinner.


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