Francesco Maggiotto

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Mesrop Mashtots by Francesco Maggiotto (1750-1805). The Armenian early medieval scholar Mesrop Mashtots (362-440) was the creator of the Armenian alphabet.

Francesco Maggiotto or Francesco Fedeli (or called il Maggiotto) (1738 in Venice – 13 September 1805 in Venice) was an Italian painter.


He was the son and first trained with Domenico Fedeli. He continued painting in the style of his father, hence his nickname, but he could not fail to be influenced by the last generation of great Venetian painters, from Tiepolo to Pietro Longhi. He trained with Michelangelo Morlaiter. he painted both history, religious, and Genre pieces. His pupils included Lattanzio Querena, Giovanni Carlo Bevilacqua, Natale Schiavoni and Francesco Hayez.