Francesco Pio Dotti

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Francesco Pio Dotti (born 17 February 1956) is an Italian architect, painter, designer and writer in the school of Aldo Rossi.

In 1995 he wrote Architettura Religiosa Francescana: Il "Luogo" di S. Antonio a Camposampiero, which demonstrated his importance in the architectural field.

His definitive recognition came in 2012 with the acquisition of some of his works by the Centre Pompidou in Paris and their being shown in the international architectural exhibition La Tendenza: Architectures Italiennes 1965–1985, organised by that institution.

F.P.Dotti Architettura Religiosa Francescana[1]

F.P.Dotti Architettura Religiosa Francescana[2]

F.P.Dotti Pagina Centre Pompidou[3]

F.P.Dotti La Tendenza Architectures Italiennes 1965-1985[4]