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Franché Coma[1] (born August 17, 1957), known by his stage name Frank "Frog" Licata, is an American musician. He is best known for being the original guitarist of Misfits. Coma joined the by then aspiring Lodi, New Jersey band in 1977, and made all of his recordings during the Static Age sessions.[2][3]

Coma left Misfits in November 1978 and went on to play guitar with Mike Morance and Eddie Enzyme for the band Active Ingredients. Enzyme would later play drums for American Oi! and Punk Rock pioneers U.S. Chaos in 1985 then later join with The Misfits former member and guitarist Bobby Steele. Enzyme would cut several singles with U.S. Chaos and producer Marty Munsch [3]


with the Misfits Coma used a Gibson Explorer guitar with DiMarzio Super Humbucking pickups, Ampeg V-4 amplifier, Ampeg V-2 cabinet, Big Muff Fuzz distortion pedal, Fender strings (8s or 9s) and medium or thin picks.

Discography with Active Ingredients[edit]

  • "Laundramat Loverboy" (1980) - Single
  • "Hyper Exaggeration" (1980) - Single


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