Francis A. Winslow

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Francis A. Winslow (October 13, 1866 – March 29, 1932) was a federal judge in New York City during the 1920s.

After attending the City College of New York and Columbia Law School, Winslow practiced as a lawyer in Yonkers, New York. He served as Corporation counsel for the City of Yonkers and from 1907 to 1913 as the district attorney of Westchester County. From 1915 to 1922, he served as an attorney for the New York State Comptroller and New York State Tax Commission.

In 1922, President Warren G. Harding appointed Winslow as a judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York in Manhattan.

Winslow served until 1929, when he resigned from the bench following allegations of impropriety in the selection of court-appointed receivers. He resumed private practice in Yonkers and died three years later, aged 65.