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For the Australian politician succeeded by George Neilly, see George Neilly.

Francis (Frank) C. Buckley, CM (born April 8, 1921 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada) is the current President and spokesperson for the Buckley's company, founded by his Father W.K. Buckley, in 1920.

In 2003, he was made a Member of the Order of Canada for being "an inspiring example of how one can positively influence the lives of many".[1]


Buckley was born in Toronto, Canada in 1921 to his father William Buckley whom had founded Buckley's Compony in 1920; one year prior to Francis' birth. Buckley would attend and graduate from the University of Toronto in 1942 with a bachelor's degree in commerce and finance. Shortly after graduating from college Buckley had enlisted in the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm as a carrier-based fighter pilot. Buckley served in World War II during his time with the Royal Navy Fleet. Buckley started his career in the family business by being a traveling salesman for three years; during that time he sold the family business' products door to door.

After Buckley had a served his family business as a door-to-door traveling salesman, he took a position and joined his father William K. Buckley in the Management department. While Buckley was more interested in broadcast media, finance, and administration type of business while his father William was first and foremost a salesman; this dynamic element between the father-son combo proved to be an extremely and immensely effective tandem. William K. Buckley had died in 1978, upon this occurrence Buckley had assumed his father's position in the family business as the president.

In the mid-1980s Buckley became a spokesman for Buckley's Company; He first came on the seen as the spokesman when the company implemented the satirically honest ad campaign that owned up to Buckley's "awful taste". This advertisement campaign was featured on many television and radio commercials. Because of Buckley's time and success as the company's spokesman on the many featured commercials, he's now a public figure whom often gets approached for recognition and autographs. Buckley has been an inspiration to senior citizens for being the proof that life does not have to end at 65 years old. Today, Buckley continues to be the face and spokesperson for Buckley's brand.

Since Buckley was a small boy he has always sustained a formidable interest in the Pharmaceutical industry. Buckley had served as the Proprietary Association of Canada's president—which as since been changed to the Non-Prescription Drug Manufacturers Association of Canada—and remains an honored member to this very day. Buckley has always been very active throughout his life and has consistently been involved with many community service organizations. In 2003, Buckley had been extremely honored and grateful to be appointed as a member of the Order of Canada.[2]


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