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Francis W. Fonseca is a Belizean politician and a member of the People's United Party (PUP). First elected to office in 2003 as the Area Representative for Freetown in the Belize District, he served as Attorney General and Minister of Education, Culture and Labour until February 2008, when the PUP lost a general election to the United Democratic Party (UDP). Fonseca was one of six PUP representatives to retain his seat in the National Assembly in the 2008 election.[1]

Following the election, the PUP held a convention on March 30, 2008. Fonseca was a candidate for the party leadership at this convention, and he was considered to be the candidate preferred by the party establishment, but he was defeated by Johnny Briceño, receiving 310 votes against 330 for Briceño.[2]

Francis Fonseca is currently the leader of the People's United Party following the resignation of Johnny Briceno.[citation needed]


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