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Francis Fulford (born 31 August 1952) is a reality TV star and landowner. He is a member of England's Landed gentry, and the 23rd Fulford to have owned and inhabited Great Fulford manor house.[1][2]

Family Estate[edit]

The Fulford family continues to occupy the same manor granted to William de Fulford by Richard I of England[3] about 1190 as a reward for going on crusade.[4] The present house dates back to the 16th Century.[5]

Life and Career[edit]

Francis Fulford is the son of Lieutenant-Colonel Francis Edgar Anthony Fulford and Joan Shirley, younger daughter of Rear-Admiral C. Maurice Blackman, DSO.[6] He attended Sunningdale School in Berkshire but failed the entrance exam for Eton, and so attended Milton Abbey School in Dorset. He did not progress to any university or higher education.[7] At 18 he started a career with the Coldstream Guards, but failed the Army Officer Selection Board exam and so left after nine months. He travelled to Australia to work as a jackaroo, but soon returned to England, re-taking (and again failing) the Army Officer Selection Board exam,[7] before moving to London to work as a stockbroker and insurance broker.[8] Since inheriting the family estate he has devoted himself to its management, though it is in need of restoration and currently (according to his many television appearances) in a state of severe debt. He lives there with his wife Kishanda and four children.

Since 2004 he has appeared in reality television and documentary-style programmes, many of which (such as The F***ing Fulfords) make a feature of his casual swearing, prejudices,[9] and traditionalist views.[10][11][12]

In 2007 he attempted a move into local politics, standing for a seat on the Teignbridge District Council. He was defeated, gaining 370 votes out of an electorate of 2215.[13] He is currently a member of the UK Independence Party.[14]

Reality Television[edit]



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