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Francis Hynde (c.1530-96), of Madingley, Cambridgeshire and Aldgate, London, was an English politician.


Sir Francis Hynde was the son of Sir John Hynde, M.P. He married Jane, daughter of Edmund Verney ('of "Penley" in Buckinghamshire').[1] Their elder son and heir, William Hynde, was also an M.P.


He was a Member (MP) of the Parliament of England for Cambridgeshire in 1559, 1572 and 1589.[2]

Sir Francis continued the construction of Madingley Hall commenced by his father, in c. 1588-1591 adding a wing in which he made use of materials from the demolition of the church of St Etheldreda at Histon.[3] A supposed haunting of Madingley Hall has been imagined to represent the figure of Sir Francis's mother, Lady Ursula Hynde, wringing her hands in grief over this action.[4]


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