Francis Libermann Catholic High School

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This article is about the school. For other uses, see FL.
Francis Libermann Catholic High School
FLCHS Logo.svg
Inter Mutanda Constantia
Steadfast in the midst of change
Francis Libermann CHS.JPG
4640 Finch Avenue East
Agincourt, Scarborough, Ontario, M1S 4G2, Canada
Public transit access TTC:
North/South: 21 Brimley
West/East: 39 Finch East, 139 Finch-Don Mills, 199 Finch Rocket
Rapid Transit: Scarbrorough Centre
School number 524 / 707708
524 / 706078
School board Toronto Catholic District School Board
Religious affiliation Roman Catholic
(Holy Ghost Fathers)
Superintendent Nicola D'Avella
Area 7
Area trustee Garry Tanuan
Ward 8
Principal Brian Hunt
Vice Principals Alex Pope
Laila Velocci
CSAC Chair Marla Tanuan (2013-14)
Administrator Jennifer Giannone
School type Catholic High school
Catholic Elementary school
Grades 7-12 (Non-Semestered)
Language English
Team name Libermann Falcons
Colours Blackwatch plaid, Blue, Light blue, and Green                 
Founded 1977
Enrollment 855 (2014-15)
Parish Prince of Peace
Specialist High Skills Major Energy
Program Focus Math, Science and Technology
Advanced Placement
Homepage Francis Libermann Catholic High School

Francis Libermann Catholic High School (alternatively known as Francis Libermann CHS, Libermann High, FLCHS, FL, Francis Libermann, or Libermann) is a Catholic secondary school (as of 2003, an elementary school as well) located in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. The school is named after the Venerable Father Francis Libermann.[1]


Originally, Libermann High was intended to be a middle school in the city of Toronto. The idea for the school usage was changed after the school was built and was instead to be used by students of grades 9 to OAC. Because the building was designed to accommodate a smaller student body, the school had to deal with perpetual overcrowding, requiring the construction of additions and alterations. Portables were built for the surplus of students. Over a period of many years, the school underwent additional construction projects such as expanding the gymnasium, adding an annex, and adding an entire new section containing an office, atrium and cafetorium.



The school is surrounded by the Brimley Woods forest to the north, Charles O’ Bick Police Academy and a fire hall to the west, a ravine to the east, and an arterial road, Finch Avenue East to the south.


Libermann High offers the required courses to obtain the diploma, as well as other elective courses. Apart from having many different courses, the majority of them have different teaching and grade levels – some are prerequisite to others. Currently, Libermann High is not particularly famous for any one subject area; however the sports programs (namely track and field, volleyball and badminton) do bring the school fame.


During normal classes, students are expected to wear the school uniform – a combination of: gray dress pants, a white dress shirt, a golf shirt, a polo sweater, a knit sweater, a knit sweater-vest, a kilt with school colours, and black shoes.[2]


Libermann High accommodates a library and computer labs; some of the computers were donated through a Bill Gates program.

Student body[edit]

The student body is racially diverse in comparison to other cities.[citation needed] The number of students varies year to year from 750–1000, currently home to grades 7 to 12. The FL Catholic Elementary School program began in 2003; this added grade-gifted students in grade 7 and, eventually, students in grade 8 to attend the school. Graduates may stay for a fifth year even after the termination of OAC.


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