Francis P. Whitehair Bridge

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Whitehair Bridge
Crows Bluff Bridge dot1882.jpg
The Whitehair Bridge in its open position
Official name Francis P. Whitehair Bridge
Carries SR 44
(two general purpose lanes)
Crosses St. Johns River
Locale Crows Bluff, Florida
Maintained by Florida Department of Transportation
ID number 110603
Design Double leaf bascule bridge
Total length 525 feet (160 m)
Clearance below 17 feet (5.2 m)
Opened September 1955
Coordinates 29°00′32″N 81°22′56″W / 29.0088°N 81.3821°W / 29.0088; -81.3821Coordinates: 29°00′32″N 81°22′56″W / 29.0088°N 81.3821°W / 29.0088; -81.3821

The Francis P. Whitehair Bridge, also known as the Crows Bluff Bridge, is a double leaf bascule bridge located in Crows Bluff, Florida that carries State Road 44 over the St. Johns River. The original bridge on the site was constructed in 1917; replaced in 1955, it is expected to remain in service until the 2050s.[1]


The original Crows Bluff Bridge was a swing span bridge; constructed in 1917,[2] in 1926 it became a free crossing.[3] In 1954, a plan for construction of a replacement bridge was established;[4] the new bridge, dedicated to DeLand resident Francis P. Whitehair, opened on September 22, 1955.[5]

In the late 1980s and early 1990s the bridge was closed several times for repairs.[6][7][8]

A 1993 truck accident damaged the bridge, requiring repairs to its guardrails.[9] In 2006 a truck caused damage to the bridge's support beams in another accident;[10] the damage was repaired within a week.[11]


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