Francisco Herrera the Elder

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La curación de San Buenaventura niño por San Francisco (1628).

Francisco Herrera (1576–1656) was a distinguished Spanish painter, born at Seville. He was the founder of the Seville school.

Herrera's finest paintings include "The Last Judgment" and a "Holy Family," both in churches at Seville. Others are in the Louvre, Paris. They exhibit boldness of execution with faultless technique. He is known as El viejo, "the elder," to distinguish him from his son Francisco Herrera the Younger, also a noted painter. Among his pupils was Ignacio de Iriarte and a young Diego Velázquez.


  • San Diego (Saint James) (1637), Madrid, private collection
  • Bebedor (1626), Worcester Art Museum
  • Job (1636), 215 x 151 cm., Musée des Beaux-Arts, Rouen.
  • La Parentela de Jesús, Museum of Fine Arts in Bilbao
  • San Basilio dictando su doctrina (1639), 243 x 194 cm, Louvre
  • Milagro del Pan y de los Peces (1647), Archbishop's Palace, Madrid
  • Ciego tocando la zampoña (1650), Kunsthistorische Museum, Vienna


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