Francisco Mendes International Airport

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Francisco Mendes
International Airport
Francisco Mendes Airport.jpg
Airport type Public
Operator Aeroportos e Segurança Aérea (ASA)
Location Praia, Cape Verde
Coordinates 14°55′34″N 23°29′41″W / 14.9261°N 23.4948°W / 14.9261; -23.4948Coordinates: 14°55′34″N 23°29′41″W / 14.9261°N 23.4948°W / 14.9261; -23.4948

Francisco Mendes International Airport was an airport located on Santiago Island in Cape Verde. It was opened in 1961, and was named after African nationalist Francisco Mendes. It was located about 2 km east of central Praia in the southeastern part of the island of Santiago.

In late 2005, the airport was deactivated, and replaced by the new Praia International Airport.