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Francisco Antonio Rodríguez Poveda (born November 24, 1938 in Herrera Province[1]) was provisional President of Panama in 1989.

Rodríguez became provisional President of Panama on September 1, 1989 following resignation of Manuel Solís Palma.[1] He stood down on December 20, 1989 following the United States invasion of Panama and the arrest of de facto leader Manuel Antonio Noriega.[1] He was one of a series of Noriega's puppet rulers, nicknamed the "Kleenex presidents" in Panama due to their "disposability".[2] In 1994, he was pardoned by President Guillermo Endara for any crimes committed during the Noriega years.[3]

Rodríguez belonged to the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD). Before his brief term as President of Panama, he served as Second Vice President of Eric Arturo Delvalle.


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Political offices
Preceded by
Manuel Solís
President of Panama
September 1989 – December 1989
Succeeded by
Guillermo Endara