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Dr. Franck Benhamou is a French plastic surgeon and author based in Paris, France. Benhamou is the author of Breast Implants in 100 Questions[1] (French: Les Prothèses Mammaires en 100 Questions, Éditions Greco, 2010) and Cosmetic Surgery: Is It the Solution? (French: La chirurgie esthétique est-elle la solution?, Éditions Greco, 2009).


Dr. Benhamou received his medical degree from the Université de Paris.

He is a member of the Société Française de Chirurgie Plastique Reconstructrice et Esthétique (2008).

He is particularly well known for his breast augmentation procedures and his work studying new techniques that leave few scars after the procedure.[2]

In January 2011 Doctor Franck Benhamou released a unique iPhone application, called "ibreast",[3] that centers around many aspects of breast augmentation and breast reconstruction. The application provides visualization imagery for prospective patients.

Doctor Franck Benhamou is also well known for his pro bono reconstructive surgery work in French Guyana.[citation needed]


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