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Franck Vigroux is a French avant garde musician, turntablist, guitarist operating on the borders of rock, electronic, jazz and contemporary art music.

He wrote a trilogy "Triste Lilas" with Helene Breschand, Marc Ducret, Bruno Chevillon, Michel Blanc. In 2007 He released is first electronic solo album as Supersonic Riverside Blues "Data 4.5.1". En 2003 il fonde le label D'Autres Cordes Records et produit notamment les disques de Hélène Breschand, Michel Blanc, Bruno Chevillon, Samuel Sighicelli, et des groupes Kolkhöze Printanium et The Story of Modern Farming. He has play, recorded or collaborated with Push the triangle, Mederic Collignon, Elliott Sharp, Zeena Parkins, Joey Baron, Ellery Eskelin, Ars Nova ensemble instrumental, Philippe Nahon, Kenji Siratori. In 2007 he makes is first film "Les petites poussières" (Dust) 2010 He has teamed with guitarist Ned Evett on the album Evett/Vigroux