Franco Nicolazzi

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Franco Nicolazzi (born 10 April 1924) is an Italian politician.

Nicolazzi was born at Gattico, in the province of Novara, and during World War II fought against the German occupation of Italy in the Brigate Matteotti. He was one of the founders of the Italian Democratic Socialist Party (Partito Socialista Democratico Italiano, PSDI) in 1948, an offshoot of the Italian Socialist Party whose members were against the decision to ally with the Italian Communist Party.

Nicolazzi was a member of the Italian Parliament from 1963 to 1990, and was ministry of Industry in 1979 and then ministry of Public Works[1] until 1987. He retired from political activity after his encroachment in the Tangentopoli scandal,[2] in which he was condemned to two years of imprisonment.[citation needed]

Since 2006 he is president of the Giuseppe Saragat Foundation.


Preceded by
Pietro Longo
Secretary of the Italian Democratic Socialist Party
Succeeded by
Antonio Cariglia