Frank B. Parker

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Frank B. Parker
First appearance Pilot, Part I
Last appearance Live: From Death Row
Portrayed by Jonathan LaPaglia
Gender Male
Occupation NSA Operative; Ex-CIA Operative; Ex-Navy SEAL
Title Lead Chrononaut, Project Backstep
Family Patricia (Ex-wife)
Children Jimmy (son)

Frank B. Parker is a fictional character in the television series Seven Days, played by Jonathan LaPaglia. He is the lead chrononaut for the NSA's "Backstep" program. Before being recruited for Backstep, Parker served as a Lieutenant in the Navy SEAL Teams, though was at some point afterwards promoted to Captain, and an intelligence operative for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). He now lives in the NSA Backstep facility at Area 51 in Groom Dry Lake, Nevada, code-named "Never Never Land," or "NNL" for short.

Character history[edit]

Francis "Frank" Bartholomew Parker was born in Pennsylvania, orphaned shortly after birth, and raised by nuns in a strict Catholic orphanage in Pittsburgh. Known as a rule breaker, Frank frequently found himself at odds with the Mother Superior of the orphanage. He was mentored by a Father who was a skilled boxer and taught Frank about direction in life. Little is known about his educational background, although it as assumed he graduated with some form of basic degree, as he was a commissioned officer in the Navy, and a four-year degree is a prerequisite for a commission.

At some point, Parker joined the Navy, serving in the Navy SEAL Teams, where he gained a reputation while going through training for not being a team player. While serving in Somalia, presumably during Operation Gothic Serpent of Black Hawk Down-fame, Parker was captured by Somali Militants and placed into a hot box. He was rescued by a team led by Craig Donovan, a friend and fellow SEAL who would later serve with Parker at the Backstep Program. Unfortunately the hot box experience scarred him mentally, leading to bouts of claustrophobia and flash-backs. Parker went on to work for the CIA's Special Activities Division, before suffering a mental breakdown while working an operation in Honduras, leading the government to deem him a threat to national security. He was subsequently locked away at the CIA's mental institution, Hanson Island, off the coast of North Carolina, where he was initially approached by the NSA to work for the Backstep Program. Inside the Backstep Program, Parker is known for drinking and excessive gambling. He also tends to frequently escape Ramsey's custody. Parker has been married twice. His first marriage, to Patricia, ended in divorce. They have a son, Jimmy, whom he does not see often. He also married Galina, Olga's doppelganger, who was pretending to be Dr. Vukavich.


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