Frank Bolle

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Frank Bolle
Born (1924-06-23) June 23, 1924 (age 90)
New York City
Nationality American
Area(s) Penciller

Frank Bolle (born June 23, 1924 in New York City) is an American comic strip artist, comic book artist and illustrator.


Black Phantom #1 (1954; no cover date). Cover art by Bolle.

Children's books[edit]

Frank Bolle has done artwork for several American children's works, including some Choose Your Own Adventure books.

Comic strips[edit]

Bolle illustrated and the Boys' Life adaptation of John Christopher's The Tripods stories, along with other strips in Boys' Life.

He has worked on several newspaper comic strips, including Debbie Deere (1966–1969), Alexander Gate (1970–1971), Winnie Winkle (1983–2003), The Heart of Juliet Jones (1991–1999), and Apartment 3-G (1999- ). He started doing the Gil Thorp strip on an interim basis in the late '90s, and again in February 2008.

Comic books[edit]

Bolle did the artwork for several Gold Key Comics, including Doctor Solar and Buck Rogers. He also illustrated horror stories for the Warren titles Creepy and Eerie.


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