Frank Di Giorgio

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Frank Di Giorgio
Toronto City Councillor for (Ward 12) York South-Weston
Assumed office
December 1, 2000
Preceded by Ward Created
North York City Councillor for Ward 4
In office
December 1, 1985 – December 31, 1997
Succeeded by City Amalgamated
Personal details
Nationality Italian-Canadian
Spouse(s) Mary
Children 2
Occupation Teacher

Frank Di Giorgio is a city councillor in Toronto, Canada, representing one of the two York South—Weston wards, Ward 12 York South-Weston. With a mathematics degree from McMaster University, he was a high school math teacher before entering politics. He ran for a position on North York city council in 1982, but lost. He then tried, but failed, to win the nomination for a provincial political party for the riding of York West in 1984. In 1985, he was successful in his bid to be elected to North York's council. He was a close ally of mayor Mel Lastman.

When North York was merged with several other municipalities to form the new "City of Toronto" in 1997, Di Giorgio sought a seat on the Toronto city council, but lost to Howard Moscoe and Mike Feldman. He ran again in the 2000 municipal election, and won against Mario Gentile, who had previously represented the area on city council before receiving a criminal conviction.

Frank was one of five Councillors removed from the TTC board by council in March 2012.[1]

Electoral record[edit]

2010 Toronto election, Ward 12[2]
Candidate Votes  %
Frank Di Giorgio 3,636 27.1
Nick Dominelli 3,214 23.9
Steve Tasses 2,748 20.4
Vilma Filici 2,204 16.4
Richard Gosling 1,073 8.0
Joe Renda 343 2.6
Angelo Bellavia 221 1.6
Total 13,439 100

Unofficial results as of October 26, 2010 03:55 am


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