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This article is about the American merchant banker and philanthropist. For the Irish politician by the same name, see Frank Hanna.
Frank Hanna III

Frank J. Hanna III is an American entrepreneur and merchant banker who has been described as "one of the leading Catholic philanthropists in the USA."[1] He was one of three entrepreneurs profiled in the Acton Institute's documentary film, The Call of the Entrepreneur.

Education and career[edit]

Hanna grew up around his father's real estate business, which he has credited with preparing him for the business world. [2][3] After studying at the University of Georgia, where he earned BBA and JD degrees,[4] Hanna and his younger brother David funded a project that tested a method he had devised for helping companies rid themselves of bad loans. This led to the brothers' founding an investment firm that they later sold.[3] (David Hanna is currently the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Atlanticus.) Frank Hanna was a corporate attorney with Troutman Sanders, an Atlanta law firm.[5] Since 2006, he has held the position of CEO of the family's investment firm, Hanna Capital, LLC.

Public service[edit]

The Hanna family has long been involved in supporting Catholic charities, including helping to start three new Catholic schools in Atlanta.[6] In 2002, Hanna was chosen by George W. Bush as co-chair of the President's Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans[7] In 2007, he received the Philanthropy Roundtable's William E. Simon Prize for Philanthropic Leadership "for his national leadership in K-12 education reform."[6]

Hanna is the founder of the Solidarity Association, which obtained from the Bodmer Foundation in Cologny, Switzerland, portions of the 14-15 Bodmer Papyri, P75), dating from between A.D. 175 and 225. The papyrus includes the oldest extant copy of portions of the Gospels of Luke and John as well as the oldest transcription of the "Our Father". In January 2007, Hanna presented the papyrus to Pope Benedict XVI in a ceremony at the Vatican. "The papyrus contains about half of each of the Gospels of Luke and John. It was written in Egypt and perhaps used as a liturgical book", explained Cardinal Tauran, an archivist and librarian. The Bodmer Papyri are kept in the Vatican Library and will soon be made available for scholarly review. In the future, excerpts may be put on display for the general public. Pope Benedict XVI has named Hanna a Knight of the Grand Cross in the Order of St. Gregory, and Hanna is a Knight of Malta, a Knight of the Holy Sepulchre, and serves on the boards of the Papal Foundation, EWTN, the American Enterprise Institute, and numerous other organizations.[citation needed]


In 2008, The Crossroad Publishing Company published Hanna's What Your Money Means: And How to Use It Well,[8] which presents Hanna's perspective on healthy attitudes towards money and his advice about philanthropic strategies.


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