Frank Leaves for the Orient

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Frank Leaves for the Orient
Created by Michael Kaplan
John Sanborn
Starring Stan Cahill
Peggy Jo Jacobs
Janet Carroll
Rebecca Chalmers
Chris Tallman
Country of origin USA
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 6
Running time 23 minutes
Original channel Comedy Central
Original release August 8, 1999 – September 12, 1999

Frank Leaves for the Orient is a television series produced by Comedy Central, which aired for 6 episodes over the summer of 1999.


This stream-of-consciousness live-action comedy is a journey through the protagonist Frank's to-do list, as he tries to escape his everyday life by moving to Japan to teach English. Each episode of Frank Leaves For The Orient deals with another aspect of Frank's attempts to wrap up his life, break up with his girlfriend, quit his job, etc. The action becomes a surreal, rapid-fire, sometimes non-linear story that splits apart and then comes back together.


Season 1: 1999[edit]

Title Credited writers Director Original airdate Production code Ep #
"The Girlfriend" Michael Kaplan Tim Boxell August 8, 1999 101 1
Frank has to break up with his girlfriend before moving to Japan.
"Quit Your Job" Michael Kaplan John Sanborn August 15, 1999 102 2
Frank has to quit his job before moving to Japan.
"Ed" Michael Kaplan John Sanborn August 22, 1999 103 3
Frank realizes his best friend wants to come to Japan with him, and has to figure out how to break up with a guy.
"Chloe" Jennifer Heftler, Lisa Page John Sanborn August 29, 1999 104 4
Just when he thought he was going to get away clean, Frank bumps into his dream girl, Chloe.
"Mom & Dad" Michael Kaplan Tim Boxell September 5, 1999 105 5
Over lunch at a Chinese restaurant, Frank tries to convince his parents that moving to Japan is a sane, responsible choice.
"Sell Your Stuff" John Sanborn, Michael Kaplan John Sanborn September 12, 1999 106 6
Frank holds the mother of all garage sales, trying to outrun all his past selves.

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