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For the bicyclist and adventurer, see Frank Lenz (cyclist).

Frank Lenz (born 18 June 1967 in San Leandro, California) is a drummer from Southern California who has done work for many bands and artists, including Richard Swift, The Weepies, Everest, Pedro The Lion, Starflyer 59, Lassie Foundation, Duraluxe, Map, Charity Empressa, and his own solo work.


Frank Lenz started taking drum lessons when he was eight years old. A natural, he was soon working as a session musician. After playing with several indie bands, Lenz developed his original work as a solo musician, mixing the pop of Burt Bacharach with power rock like Steely Dan, jazz fusion, and Stevie Wonder-style R&B. "Playing drums is all I ever wanted to do," Lenz has said, and by the age of 13, he began his career as studio drummer. He has since played on too many records to list, and toured / played / recorded with an extremely long list of bands. Most recently he's taken to creating film soundtracks, and focusing on his own music. He wrote and recorded the soundtrack for the film 'Holy Rollers', which gathered a lot of press, including a feature at This American Life, as well as segments on The Colbert Report, Huffington Post, NY Times, etc.

Frank is currently working on material for a new full length record in 2013.

Frank Lenz lives in Huntington Beach, California. Lenz's newest EP 'Vacation' and his latest soundtrack 'Holy Rollers' are available via Velvet Blue Music


Full Length Albums[edit]

  • The Hot Stuff (2001, Northern Records
  • The Last Temptation of Frank Lenz (2003, independent)
  • Conquest Slaughter (2004, Velvet Blue Music
  • VileLenz & Thieves (2006, Hidden Agenda)
  • "Strictly Background : Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" (2009, Velvet Blue Music
  • "Holy Rollers : Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" (2012, Velvet Blue Music)
  • "Vacation" EP (2012, Velvet Blue Music)
  • "Water Tiger" (2013, Velvet Blue Music)

Singles (7 inches)[edit]

  • Brothers Who Are Breathing (2005, ABC DOCUMENTATION)


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