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Frank Llewellyn is the former National Director of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), which is the largest U.S. organization advocating democratic socialism. DSA is an affiliate of the Socialist International,[1] which is the international association of socialist and social-democratic parties.

Llewellyn has criticized the Republican Party's use of the term "socialist" as a negative epithet, particularly since the Barack Obama's presidential campaign. Llewellyn has also criticized the liberalism of the Democratic Party leadership.[2] Llewellyn has spoken and written to support a social democratic agenda, which includes strengthened unions and a government-sponsored system of health care.[3]

In October 1983, Frank Llewellyn was a New York delegate to the DSA conference in New York City. He was a member of the DSA's Racial-Diversity Task-Force in 1992, and a member of DSA's steering committee in 1994. He was also a member of the DSA's delegation to the 12th and 13th congresses of the Socialist International.

In 2011, Llewellyn was succeeded as national director by Maria Svart.[4]