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The Asylum pictured on a postcard dated 1905
Essex Town Hall and TOHP Burnham Library, Essex, Massachusetts (1893-94)

Frank W. Weston was an American architect and pioneering bicyclist. His Essex Town Hall and TOHP Burnham Library at 30 Martin Street in Essex, Massachusetts is considered to be in the Shingle style of architecture. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Sources state he worked out of Malden and Boston. He also started the first bicycle paper in America: The American Bicycling Journal. It was first issued Dec. 22, 1877. He helped organize the first bicycle club in America: the Boston Bicycle Club. It was formed on February 11, 1878 with 14 members. Weston was also the first and only American of the C. T. C of England, originally the Bicycle Touring Club. He organized races, one hundred mile bicycle club runs and "the first hundred mile tricycle club run" in the U.S.[1]

Weston formed the architectural firm of Weston & Rand with George D. Rand.[1] It is credited with the Hotel Agassiz at 191 Commonwealth Avenue (1872)[2] and a building at 270 Clarendon Street (1873).[3]

Weston was born at Oxford Terrace, England.[1]

Weston immigrated to the U.S. from London, England. In the U.S. he went to work in Boston for W. R. Emerson in the Studio building. After the July 4, 1866 fire in Portland, Maine, he joined the staff of W. H. Fassett (Francis H. Fassett?) to work on designs needed in rebuilding. Two years later he returned to Boston and worked in the office of N. J. Bradlee for about a year. He established his own practice in 1869.[1] A year later he partnered with George D. Rand to from Weston & Rand, before returning to London on account of his mother's death. He met his wife in Coventry and after about 18 months he returned to Boston where he helped redevlop the Back Bay district. He was married in 1873 in England. The family hom was in Savin Hill.[1]



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