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Frank Zindler (born 1939) is a prominent American atheist who served as interim president of the atheist organization American Atheists in 2008.[1] He was former professor of biology and geology, and Chairman, Division of Science, Nursing, & Technology, at Fulton-Montgomery Community College of the State University of New York.[2] He is both editor of American Atheist Magazine and Director of American Atheists Press.[3] In the spring of 2011, he published a multi-volume anthology of his short essays and other works.[4][2]


Zindler is an outspoken opponent of Creationism and has participated in several Evolution v. Creation debates. He also had a famous debate with philosopher and theologian William Lane Craig at Willow Creek Community Church, South Barrington, IL on June 27, 1993.[5]

Selected bibliography[edit]

Zindler has authored, co-authored or edited several texts on atheism:[6]

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