Frankland River

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Frankland River
Circular Pool.jpg
Circular Pool Frankland River
Origin Below Trollup Hill
Mouth Nornalup Inlet
Basin countries Australia
Length 162 kilometres (101 mi) [1]
Source elevation 215 metres (705 ft)[2]
Avg. discharge 17.7 m³/s (558,000 Megalitres/year)
Basin area 5722 km² [3]

The Frankland River is a river in the great southern region of Western Australia. The Frankland River is the largest river by volume in the region and the eighth largest in the state.[4]

The Gordon River, a tributary of the Frankland river has its source south-west of the town of Broomehill. The other two smaller tributaries are Towerlup Brook and Ornabullup Creek. The Walpole, the Deep and the Frankland all flow into the Nornalup Inlet west of Walpole.

Many agricultural industries are located along the frankland river Dairy farming, viticulture [5] and olive farming [6] as a result it is estimated that 85% of the catchment has been cleared for agricultural purposes.

Salinity has increased in the river system with average values of 2 ppt in 1970's to 1980's to 30 ppt since 2000.


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Coordinates: 35°0′11″S 116°46′10″E / 35.00306°S 116.76944°E / -35.00306; 116.76944