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Frankley Services
The northbound main building.
Frankley services is located in Worcestershire
Frankley services
Frankley services (Worcestershire)
County: Worcestershire
Road: M5 motorway
Coordinates: 52°25′45″N 2°01′05″W / 52.4291°N 2.01794°W / 52.4291; -2.01794Coordinates: 52°25′45″N 2°01′05″W / 52.4291°N 2.01794°W / 52.4291; -2.01794
Operator: Moto Hospitality
Date opened: 1966

Frankley services is a motorway service station on the M5 motorway between Junctions 3 and 4, near Birmingham, and taking its name from the nearby village of Frankley. It is owned by Moto, and was one of the first service stations of its kind when it was opened in 1966 to serve the new motorway which by 1977 gave the midlands an unbroken motorway link with Devon.

It has been updated over the years and fitted with new retail and fast food outlets, but the original building remains intact.

It is possible to enter both sides of the service station from Bartley Green. It is inadvisable to drive onto the South side, however the North non-motorway entrance is possible.

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