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Not to be confused with Franklin High School (North Carolina).

Franklin Academy is a public charter school located in Wake Forest, North Carolina. Grades taught are K-12 using a Direct Instruction format.

Franklin Academy


Franklin Academy was founded in 1998 as one of North Carolina’s 100 Charter Schools. With more than 1800 applicants on a waiting list each year, FA is claimed to be the most sought after school in North Carolina, and perhaps the nation.[citation needed]

Originally only encompassing a small building with few teachers, the school expanded quickly. The Chairman of the Board and founder, Mr. Robert L. Luddy, had ambitions for the school and soon one more building was built at the original site. Two other buildings soon followed at a separate campus. As of January 2011, the school opened the doors of a new, nine million dollar high school building, making three separate campuses and five overall buildings.[1]

Dress Code[edit]

Franklin Academy has a chill dress code of the following:


  • Collared Polo style shirts, long or short sleeved. Colors are solid navy blue, white, red (NC State

red) for the High School and Maroon for the lower schools, or light blue (UNC “Carolina” light blue)

  • School Approved Patriots Hooded or Patriots Crew neck Sweatshirt purchased from Educational

Outfitters or Franklin Academy

  • School Approved Athletic or Organization outerwear acceptable
  • T-shirts are allowed if and only if it is not visible underneath outerwear


  • Khaki or Navy Blue full length pants or knee-length shorts. No knit, stretch, denim, or



  • Any socks are dresscode


Direct Instruction[edit]

The Franklin Academy has adopted a Direct Instruction format.


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