Franklin Avenue (Los Angeles)

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View along Franklin Avenue, Los Angeles, California.

Franklin Avenue is a street in Los Angeles. It is the northernmost street in Hollywood, north of Hollywood Boulevard and the southern border of the Hollywood Hills. The corner of Franklin and Gower Street is cited as one of the better places to photograph the Hollywood Sign.[1]

Franklin Avenue begins as a residential street off Sierra Bonita Avenue. After intersecting with Highland Avenue, Franklin turns into a major east/west thoroughfare for Hollywood and the Hollywood Hills. In Hollywood, Franklin is the southern border of Whitley Heights.[2] It ends in Los Feliz.


Shakespeare bridge on Franklin Avenue in the Franklin Hills

The first house in the Hollywood area, built by Tomás Urquidez in 1854, was at the intersection of what would become Franklin Avenue and Outpost Drive.[3] The Magic Castle is located on Franklin Avenue, as is the turreted, former apartment hotel, the Château Élysée (now part of the Los Angeles Celebrity Centre of the Church of Scientology).[4] Another is the Shakespeare Bridge, which is near the intersection of Franklin with St. George Street in Los Feliz.[5] The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre is located on Franklin near its intersection with North Bronson Avenue.


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