Franklin Corella Vargas

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This name uses Spanish naming customs: the first or paternal family name is Corella and the second or maternal family name is Vargas.
Franklin Corella Vargas
Deputy Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica
In office
Constituency Alajuela, Costa Rica
Personal details
Born Costa Rica
Political party Citizens' Action Party
Profession Educator, political activist

Franklin Corella Vargas is a Costa Rican educator and politician. He is currently a deputy within the Legislative Assembly.

Early political career[edit]

When he was a boy, Corella watched his father's involvement in the local community government, which influenced him to enter politics.[1] At 23, Corella became the youngest member of the Alajuela City Commission.[1] Corella ran as a member of the Citizens' Action Party (PAC for its' Spanish initials).

Corella has a licentiate in science education.[2] He has taught in Talamanca and Alajuela.[1]

Deputy in Alajuela[edit]

In 2013 as a thirty-four-year-old, Corella began campaigning for the third deputy position in Alajuela in 2013.[3] He ran as a member of the PAC.[4] While campaigning, Corella continued teaching at El Carmen High School in Alajuela.[1] He claimed that his students were like family and some of them supported Corella during his campaign.[1] Corella won in February 2014 and will occupy the third seat from Alajuela.

Before entering office, Corella toured the area of his constituency, doing volunteer work.[4] Corella is concerned with the image of national politicians.[1] Corella claimed that he is interested in strengthening Costa Rica's democracy, particularly at the grassroots level[4] and opportunities for young people.[1]


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