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This article is about the former territorial authority in New Zealand. For the new authority, see Auckland Council. For the former District in Canada, see District of Franklin.
Former territorial authority
Location of Franklin
Coordinates: 37°14′S 175°00′E / 37.24°S 175.00°E / -37.24; 175.00Coordinates: 37°14′S 175°00′E / 37.24°S 175.00°E / -37.24; 175.00
Country New Zealand
 • Total 2,187.94 km2 (844.77 sq mi)
Population (June 2014 estimate)[1]
 • Total 65,200
 • Density 30/km2 (77/sq mi)
Extent Papakura to Meremere;
Port Waikato to Miranda, Firth of Thames

Franklin District is a former New Zealand territorial authority that lay between the Auckland metropolitan area and the Waikato Plains. As a formal territory it was abolished on 31 October 2010 and divided between Auckland Council in the Auckland Region (39.82 percent by land area) to the north and Waikato and Hauraki districts in the Waikato Region (60.18 percent) to the south and east. The Auckland portion is now part of the Franklin ward, which also includes rural parts of the former Manukau City.

Before its abolition, it was administered from the town of Pukekohe. Out-going Franklin District Mayor Mark Ball had proposed that Franklin district become an independent unitary authority, fulfilling both the functions of a local and regional council. However, this was rejected by Minister Rodney Hide.[2]

Location and extent[edit]

A true-colour image showing the Auckland area. Franklin is at the lower left of the picture. The scene was acquired by NASA's Terra satellite, on October 23, 2002.

The district was bounded in the north by the start of the Auckland metropolitan area and the waters of the Manukau Harbour. Awhitu Peninsula stretches up the Tasman coast to the mouth of this harbour. Here are located several holiday spots, such as Kariotahi Beach and Matakawau.

To the south, Franklin was bounded by the fertile lowlands of the Waikato Plains. In the east, the land rises to the Hunua Ranges, then falls to the coast of the Firth of Thames. In the west is the Tasman Sea. The Waikato River mouth is at Port Waikato in the south of the region. This is renowned as a good place for surfcasting.

The area is mainly rural, with local settlements such as Waiuku and Tuakau supporting the farming industry. One industry of note is the New Zealand Steel steel mill at Glenbrook, north of Waiuku.


Franklin County News is a twice weekly newspaper serving the former Franklin district. It is based in Pukekohe. The Post Newspaper issues almost 22,000 copies weekly on a Tuesday within Franklin and Tuakau and is based in Waiuku.


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