Franklin Island (Greenland)

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For the antarctic island, see Franklin Island (Antarctica).
Franklin Island
Nares strait border (Kennedy channel).png
Nares strait border (Kennedy channel)
Coordinates 80°48′N 66°35′W / 80.800°N 66.583°W / 80.800; -66.583
Archipelago Greenland
Highest elevation 215 m (705 ft)

Franklin Island (Danish: Franklin Ø) is one of three islands located in Kennedy Channel of Nares Strait in the high Arctic and is part of Greenland. Its two sister islands are Crozier Island and Hans Island. The former is also part of Greenland, whilst the latter's ownership is disputed between Denmark and Canada.

It is the largest of these three islands. It is located c. 3 miles (4.8 km) north of Cape Constitution (Danish: Kap Constitution). It is predominantly light brown in color, very steep-sided, flat topped, and rises to a height of 215 m (705 ft) on the Southeast side.

It is named after the British explorer John Franklin (1786–1847), by Elisha Kent Kane between 1854 and 1855 during his second Grinnell Expedition, after it was sighted by Hans Hendrik and the American William Morton in June 1854.

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Coordinates: 80°48′N 66°35′W / 80.800°N 66.583°W / 80.800; -66.583