Frans Erasmus

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François Christiaan Erasmus
FC Erasmus.jpg
Minister of Justice
In office
1959 – August 1961
Prime Minister D. F. Malan
J. G. Strijdom
Hendrik Verwoerd
Preceded by Charles Robberts Swart
Succeeded by B. J. Vorster
Minister of Defence
In office
4 June 1948 – 12 December 1959
Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd
Preceded by Jan Smuts
Succeeded by Jacobus Johannes Fouché
Personal details
Born 1896
Died 1967
Nationality South African

Frans C. Erasmus (1896 - 1967) was a South African National Party politician and Minister of Defence from June 1948 to 1959 as well as Minister of justice from 1959 - August 1961.

In 1927 he was appointed Deputy Attorney General of South West Africa. Afterwards he entered politics and was elected to Parliament in 1933. He joined D F Malan's cabinet as the Minister of Defence in 1948.[1]

After his term as Minister of Justice he was appointed Ambassador to Italy.

A Fast Attack Craft of the South African Navy was named after him.


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Political offices
Preceded by
Jan Smuts
Minister of Defence (South Africa)
Succeeded by
Jacobus Johannes Fouché