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Franz Eyssenhardt (March 6, 1838 – November 30, 1901) was a German classical philologist born in Berlin.

He studied philology in Berlin, and subsequently became an instructor at the Werderscher gymnasium. In 1868-69 he performed research in Italy, and in 1876 was appointed professor at the Johanneum in Hamburg. From 1882 to 1900 he was director of the Hamburg city library.

Eyssenhardt was author of editions of Martianus Capella, Phaedrus, Macrobius, Apuleius and Ammianus Marcellinus. Another noted work of his was an 1886 biography of historian Barthold Georg Niebuhr (1776-1831).

Selected publications[edit]

  • Scriptor historiae Augustae from Hadriano ad Numerianum, Berlin 1864
  • Martianus Capella, Leipzig 1866
  • Phaedri fabulae, Berlin 1867
  • Macrobius, Leipzig 1868
  • Apuleii metamorphoseon libri XI, Berlin 1869
  • Ammiani Marcellini rerum gestarum libri qui supersunt, Berlin 1871