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Franz Ries (7 April 1846 – 20 January 1932) was a Romantic German violinist and composer, son of Hubert Ries. He studied at the Paris Conservatory. He also worked in the publishing business.


His talent formed under the direction of his father and in the Paris Conservatory under the violinist Massart, but after a short, brilliant career, he abandoned it suffering under a nerve problem, and settled in Dresden as a music retailer in 1875, where he still occasionally composed and performed on the violin. Then, from 1884 until his death, he lived as a co-owner of the company R. & Erler Berlin.


  • Moto Perpetuo for Violin
  • String Quartet No.1 in D minor, Op.5
  • String Quartet No.2
  • 6 Lieder, Op.6
  • Drei Characterstücke, Op.7 (violin and piano)
  • 6 Lieder, Op.8
  • Traumbilder, Op.13 (3 Clavierstücke)
  • 3 zweistimmige Gesänge, Op.14
  • 3 Lieder, Op.16 (alto and baritone)
  • 3 Lieder, Op.17
  • 4 Romances, Op.20 (violin and piano)
  • Kriegslied von Emanuel Geibel
  • 12 Albumblätter
  • Suite No.2 in F for Violin and Piano, Op.27
  • String Quintet in C minor, Op.28
  • Suite No.3 for Violin and Piano, Op.34
  • Praeludium and Allegro Opus 34. No.5

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