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Frazier Moore, Jr. (born Atlanta, Georgia) is a television critic for the Associated Press.


Moore was born in Atlanta to El'Eckler Ussery Moore (1909 - 1977) and Hamilton Frazier Moore (1913 - 2002),[1] a professor of advertising and public relations at the University of Georgia. Moore grew up in Athens, Georgia, and attended the University of Georgia, graduating in 1974 with a journalism degree. He was a staff writer for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and The Fort Myers Fort-Press where he received a National Headliners Award. Other publications for which Moore has written include Spy, Connoisseur, and Interview. In 1994, he and Beth Vesel gave birth to their first son, Liam Moore.

Career with Associated Press[edit]

In 1992 Moore became television critic for the Associated Press. One of his columns recounted his performance as an extra on Law & Order. Another suggested Andy Rooney retire. Rooney aired Moore's telephone number and 60 Minutes viewers swamped the AP headquarters with calls.

Moore served as a Peabody Awards Board member from 2004–2010.[2]


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