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Freak Show
Soundtrack album by The Residents
Released 1990
Recorded 1989
Genre Avant-Garde
Length 52:53 (Special Edition)
Label The Voyager Company (CD-Rom)
The Residents chronology
The King & Eye
Freak Show
Our Finest Flowers

Freak Show marked the beginning of The Residents' obsession with emerging computer technology in the 1990s. Much of the music was made with various MIDI devices. "Freak Show" also served as the name for a CD-ROM that was released in 1994, a stage performance by a theater company at the Archa Theater in Prague that premiered on November 1, 1995, and a comic book. Several of the songs were also performed live during the 1997 25th anniversary concerts at the Fillmore in San Francisco. After the CD-ROM's success, the album was re-released as The Freak Show Soundtrack with a different cover. A limited edition, The Freak Show Special Edition, was released in 2002 to mark their 30th anniversary.

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Review scores
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Allmusic 3/5 stars link

Original CD track listing[edit]

  1. "Everyone Comes to the Freak Show"
  2. "Harry the Head"
  3. "Herman the Human Mole"
  4. "Wanda the Worm Woman"
  5. "Jelly Jack the Boneless Boy"
  6. "Benny the Bouncing Bump"
  7. "Mickey the Mumbling Midget"
  8. "Lillie"
  9. "Nobody Laughs When They Leave"

Special Edition CD track listing[edit]

Disc 1

  1. "Everyone Comes to the Freak Show"
  2. "Harry's Introduction"
  3. "Harry the Head"
  4. "Herman Watches TV (Mexican Porn)"
  5. "Herman the Human Mole"
  6. "Wanda Does Her Act"
  7. "Wanda, the Worm Woman"
  8. "Jack Amuses the Crowd"
  9. "Jack, the Boneless Boy"
  10. "Benny Bounces"
  11. "Benny, the Bouncing Bump"
  12. "Mickey, the Mumbling Midget"
  13. "Lillie"
  14. "Nobody Laughs When They Leave"
  • Disc 1 was eventually re-released in late 2007.

Disc 2 aka Freak Show Live (Prague 1995)

  1. "Everyone Comes to the Freak Show"
  2. "Wanda"
  3. "Mickey"
  4. "Bridge"
  5. "Herman"
  6. "Harry"
  7. "Jack"
  8. "Benny"
  9. "Wanda's Letters (Part 17)"
  10. "Nobody Laughs When They Leave"
  11. "Freak Show Remix (2001)"
  12. "Benny Live-Icky Flix Tour (2001)"